Manufacturing Process

For us at Boiron, your health represents much more than just our profession, it’s our mission. And that is why we produce effective, risk-free, high quality health products here in France. Boiron homeopathic products are prepared in accordance with our traditional values, as well as our commitment to technological innovation. We also take great care to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

Do you have high expectations of pharmaceutical standards?

Throughout the world, Boiron is audited by national regulatory authorities such as the ANSM in France and the FDA in the United States which implies the very highest pharmaceutical standards.

Do you always demand outstanding quality?

Our raw materials undergo strict quality testing as soon as they are delivered. Qualified professionals carry out rigorous organoleptic, botanical and physical-chemical tests. The strains we select, and the air and water we use, are all of the purest quality.

You also need to be sure that the products you use are absolutely safe.

30,000 tests every year. That’s what it takes to guarantee the absolute reliability of our products. To achieve this, Boiron employs 145 pharmacists throughout France and has its own chemical, botanical and bacteriological analysis laboratories.

And as you are unique, our production is too. 

Boiron Laboratories have their own production equipment in order to deliver the manufacturing processes that are unique to homeopathic products. The granules and globules are formulated in situ and are 100% made in France.

And so, what about innovation?

Homeopathic dilution assisted by high technology, automated dynamization to guarantee outstanding reproducibility and triple impregnation, an innovation that is today an industry benchmark, all this demonstrates that Boiron Laboratories has continued to invest in the most advanced equipment to guarantee products of impeccable quality.

This desire for excellence is led by just one imperative: your health. Because your health deserves the greatest of respect.