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90th Anniversary Editorial by Michèle Boiron

90th Anniversary Editorial by MicheleThis 90th anniversary is, of course, an opportunity for me to look back at the amazing history of our company!

Today, I would like to share three key pillars that, in my opinion, have marked the life of the company:

  1. The unfailing determination of the founders.

    Jean and Henri Boiron were both “valedictorians” in their graduating class of pharmacists and science graduates. Passionate about health, they devoted their lives to developing innovative and effective medicines.

  2. The story of a family committed to the company.

    After twin brothers Jean and Henri founded the company, my brothers Christian and Thierry later took over.There have been many discussions of course, as in all family businesses, in addition to differences of opinion and potential sources of conflict; however, homeopathy has always triumphed.

    The company owes its growth to the involvement of all the family members, in particular, the new generation over the past decade. This success makes us happy and proud!

  3. The extraordinary commitment of all employees.

    Since the company was founded, thousands of employees in France and in all our subsidiaries have chosen to devote a large part of their career – sometimes even all of it – to our project!

    Through their often-passionate commitment and all their skills, they have been formidable agents for the spread of Boiron's health care solution.

Michèle Boiron,
Pharmacist and daughter of one of the founders, Jean Boiron

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