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Dermoplasmine, new Dermo-cosmetic line by Boiron

Boiron is pleased to announce a Dermoplasmine line is going to launch globally, including Asia. 

Dermoplasmine is a range of dermo-cosmetic treatments with organically farmed Calendula, formulated with a minimum of ingredients to help all skin types including most sensitive, and take effective care of damaged skin. As effectiveness, safety, naturalness, and quality are Boiron’s core values, Dermoplasmine line offers the transparency and safety that we all expect for our consumer’s skin health.

Boiron Calendula

Boiron uses only plants from organic farming for all its dermocosmetic products. The calendula for Boiron products is grown solely in France, by regional partners wherever possible, so as to reduce any environmental impact. They grow up in the warm and sunny mountains’ area such as Maine & Loire, Drôme, and Ardèche in France. Since Boiron always emphasise the naturalness of the ingredients, all of the Calendula are handpicking and Organic.

You may wonder why we use Calendula to produce the products instead of others. Calendula could speed up the healing process for the damaged or irritated skin. During the healing process, it increases the fibroblast activity (speeding up the proliferation and the migration of fibroblasts) and speeds up collagen synthesis shortening the phase for the reconstruction of the epithelium. Meanwhile, Calendula could relief the pain from the injury area and provide anti-inflammatory with antibacterial properties.  Learn more about Calendula here. 

Dermoplasmin dermocosmetics moisturize, soothe, repair and protect dry or irritated skin as well as weakened or chapped lips. They are made from Calendula from organic farming and the list of their ingredients is reduced to a minimum. All Dermoplasmine products are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive: effective products for taking care of this precious organ that is our skin.

Dermoplasmine Mousse au Calendula:

Dermoplasmine Mousse is a restorative and protective cream for dry and weakened skin especially for the redness, slight cracks, and chapping. Boiron adopted a unique cream texture and combining the a range of 4 skus specifically formulated to take care of fragile or dry skin.

Dermoplasmine Soin au Calendula:

Dermoplasmine Calendula Soin is soothing and restorative care for irritated or damaged skin. It could be applied over the large areas on your face and body.

Dermoplasmine Lipstick:

Dermoplasmine Calendula Lipstick is made by 99.9% of natural ingredients and base composed of fats of vegetable origin to provide a soothing and moisturizing stick for dry and weakened lips.

Dermoplasmine Lip Balm:

Restorative and nourishing lip balm for chapped, damaged, cracked lips... A formula with only 3 ingredients to minimize the risk of allergies.   

Consumers could soon find our Dermoplasmine products available online and in specific retail shops.

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