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Oscillococcinum, the expert in solving little life problems

Oscillococcinum, the expert in solving little life problems

Adults face the trivial matters of life and look for the heart-warming answer while they try.

If life is a multiple-choice question with only AB options, will solving the problem become easier?

When your girlfriend tells you: I seem to have caught the flu recently, have a headache, feel weak, and have occasional chills. How should the caring boyfriend answer?

A. drink more water

× This is a simple, practical, and useful answer, but it is easy to be labeled as a perfunctory guy, so please use this answer with caution.

B. Take a tube of Oscillococcinum in the morning and evening

√ When you care about someone who may be infected with the flu or have flu-like symptoms, the best way is to help her curb the aggravation of the condition in time and relieve her physical discomfort as soon as possible.

Immediately take 1 tube of Boiron Oscillococcinum, followed by 2-3 tubes within 6 hours to help relieve discomfort quickly! No side effects and no drowsiness! Relieve discomfort quickly without burden, this is the love she wants!

It's the season when your mother chases after you and calls you "wear long johns", and not wearing long johns is your ultimate stubbornness as a fashionista. How would you respond to your mother who is worried that you who are weak in immunity, could not resist the virus and catch a cold?

A. I am not cold

× You don’t feel cold, only your old mother thinks you are cold. This answer will only get the old mother's hypothetical and intimidating "nagging bombardment" such as "waiting for you to catch a cold..." "waiting for you to get old..." and "waiting for your headache and fever...".

B. I have something more useful than long johns

√  During the change of seasons when the temperature goes down, the weather is harsh, easy to catch a cold, and physical fitness declines. In addition to keeping warm, it is also important to internalize body functions and enhance resistance to prevent influenza.

In the autumn and winter flu season, take 1 tube of Boiron Oscillococcinum immediately, and then 1 tube per week to boost your body's defense against the influenza virus and add a BUFF! Each dose comes in a tube and there is no need to take it with water. The size is small as the little finger which is convenient to carry around! Strengthen self-protection anytime and anywhere, and let mom know that you are taking good care of yourself!

There are kids and the elderly at home, taking medicine is a big problem! The granules are too big to be swallowed, and the taste is bitter and unpleasant. Smart parents, how will you solve it?

A. Melt in the cup of milk tea, "deceptive medicine feeding"

× A smart child can discover the truth for the third time, "coaxing fails, trust collapses", and the next time it will only resist more.

B. Small granules, slight sweetness

√ Boiron Oscillococcinum helps prevent and treat influenza without side effects. Using healthy organic extracts, it is suitable for the elderly, infants, and pregnant women!

Each tube is precisely dosed with small white granules that melt quickly in the mouth/water and have a slightly sweet taste. Adults can take it by mouth without swallowing discomfort; infants and young children can take it in water without bitterness or resistance. The elderly and kids at home like it, and parents can rest assured and worry-free!

Eating healthcare products while staying up late is the current state of health preservation for young people today. You are still worrying about whether the new healthcare product you add will "interact" with the ingredients you are eating. How to solve this problem properly?

A. Becoming an ingredient expert is the self-consciousness of a health care practitioner.

× I didn’t understand chemical biology at the beginning, but now I can still rely on health preservation to revisit the subject. Save it for the elite students, I choose to give up!

B. Solving the problem directly from the root, I choose Oscillococcinum

√ Boiron Oscillococcinum, a classic formula for more than 70 years only uses healthy and organic extracts, 100% produced in France and focusing on improving the body's resistance!

There is no drug resistance or dependence after taking it while can be used in four seasons. It should always be available at home! It can be taken with other medicines and dietary supplements at the same time, and there will be no ingredient interaction. It is suitable for the whole family, choose it with confidence and your health will be ensured!

Boiron Oscillococcinum is developed based on the needs of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

Efficient and convenient, no side effects, caring for every family member from the details.

Safe, reliable, and free of burden. Protect everyone’s health with professional quality.

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