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Boiron: A Visionary Family-owed Company

Boiron: A Visionary Family-owed Company

History of A Great Family Adventure

Brothers Jean and Henri Boiron, twins united by their passion, devoted their lives to Boiron’s product development. Their entrepreneurial spirit and scientific rigor allowed them to advance from year to year and become pioneers in research and manufacturing processes.

The family adventure continued with their children, in particular, Christian and Thierry Boiron, who were at the helm of the company for more than 40 years, with the help of their sister Michèle. Having joined the company in 1970, Christian Boiron served as its CEO from 1976 to 2005, when Thierry Boiron became head of Boiron Laboratories. In 2011, when Christian Boiron returned to France following an assignment in the Italian subsidiary, he resumed the position of CEO while Thierry Boiron became Chairman of the Board of Directors. Then, in 2019, Christian Boiron definitively handed over the reins to Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, who took up the position of CEO.

With 68% of the shares, the Boiron family is heavily involved in the life of the company. This family business model allows for a long-term vision and reveals an unwavering commitment to the Laboratories’ project.

Boiron: A Visionary Family-owed CompanyA French Company Open to The World

Ever since they were founded, Boiron Laboratories have never ceased to integrate Boiron’s unique pharmaceutical principles with medicine from all over the world.

In each and every country where Boiron Laboratories operate, they are committed to:

  • Raising public authorities’ awareness of the public health benefits from Boiron’s health care solutions
  • Training healthcare professionals
  • Informing patients of the tangible response provided by Boiron’s health care solutions in different health fields
  • Obtaining an appropriate status
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