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Boiron Laboratories Today

Boiron Laboratories Today

The philosophy of Boiron Laboratories is intrinsically based on respect for the patient and for nature. Homeopathy is a solution for the health of humans, animals, and plants. It is effective, useful, respectful, and sustainable.

Boiron Laboratories in Figures

455 million in turnover, including 48% generated abroad

23 subsidiaries

Operating in nearly 50 countries

100% of Boiron production sites located in France

2 production sites and 1 logistics platform

15 Boiron sites providing daily services for France’s 22,000 pharmacies and their patients

2,769 employees worldwide, including 1,785 in France and 984 abroad

1 integrated research laboratory

153 million tubes sold worldwide

233 market authorizations around the world in 2021

The Same Diligence from The Outset

Boiron Laboratories remain true to their spirit and that of the Boiron family by perpetuating their history, with a will to constantly advance based on the following guiding principles:

  • A respectful and human approach to medicine, corresponding to the expectations of patients, both in terms of the overall care provided and the medicines made available to them,
  • Scientific rigor which, combined with control over the various production stages, guarantees high-quality health products for the greatest number of people,
  • Close contacts with healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, gynaecologists, etc.) with whom Boiron has built a trusting relationship and sustained dialogue over time,
  • A commitment to advancing medicine, by exploring possible avenues, with audacity and humility.
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