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How to protect dry skin?

How to protect dry skin?

What happens when skin becomes dry ?

The skin is an organ that performs various functions, including thermal regulation and protection against external aggressions such as pollution, microbes, and shocks. It is covered by a film primarily made up of sebum and water called the hydrolipidic film. This film acts as a protective barrier, allowing the skin to maintain its hydration and suppleness. When this film is compromised, the skin becomes dry, losing its elasticity and causing discomfort.

How to naturally hydrate dry skin?

The skin is a protective organ, composed of 60% water for normal skin. Being sensitive, it can become dry and fragile. To restore balance to dehydrated skin, it is essential to limit factors that can aggress it and nourish it with suitable care.

What are the ways to naturally treat dry skin ?

When the skin is dehydrated and weakened, the application of nourishing care is an essential gesture to restore its balance, restore its functions and restore its suppleness. Prefer a treatment made from active ingredients of natural origin and tested under dermatological control in order to preserve the most sensitive skin.

Applications must be repeated and regular. Regarding dry hands, our advice: before going to bed, wash them with cool water, apply a highly moisturizing cream to still damp hands and wear cotton gloves during the night.

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