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Taiwan Homeopathic Conferences 2019 Is Successfully Completed

Boiron is pleased to announce that Taiwan Homeopathic Medical Association Conferences 2019 held in Taichung, Taipei and Kaohsiung of Taiwan on 17, 19 and 24 of September respectively are successfully completed. These 3 conferences were held by YUTA & BOIRON in 3 different main cities of Taiwan and were the perfect opportunities to communicate and share homeopathy with the local pharmacists, health professionals and doctors.

More than 120 professional pharmacists and doctors attended and also renowned Dr. Yuan Zhishan and Dr. Xie Xinyin as the speakers, as well as the buyers of the key chains in Taiwan market. 3 conferences provided the introduction and educational updates of homeopathy and the products of Boiron by combining with the most common health issues happening in the local marketing, and shared some therapy cases by the local pharmacists and patients, connecting homeopathy much closer with the local pharmacists and doctors, increasing their interest and stimulating & deepening their homeopathic medication on their patients effectively.


In fact, homeopathy has been educated and practiced in Taiwan more than 10 year and recommended by more and more pharmacists and doctors nowadays. These conference aim to introduce it to more new and key local pharmacists. “We know that trust is essential when it comes to patient care, more and more people are seeking for the natural therapies now rather than the traditional ones, we take care of our patients very seriously,” one pharmacist from Taipei said.  “I’m glad that I came today and return with many new founds which could be good to my patients and myself.”

With more and more inspiring comments from local pharmacists, Boiron Asia team and its distributors are motivated to enlarge the homeopathy market and keep improving its educations.

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